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Southwest Colorado Patient Advocate

As a healthcare navigator or advocate we provide direction, education, and advocacy for clients accessing healthcare

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Latest News 11/19/19

“What is a Patient Advocate” an interview with Jack Llewellyn, executive director of the Durango Chamber of Commerce broadcasted on “Chamber Chat” on Four Corners Broadcasting.

Are you having difficulty:

– Navigating the healthcare system –
– Managing costs with your insurance company –
– Dealing with a new medical diagnosis –
– Struggling with mental illness –
– Coping with a chronic illness?


Southwest Colorado Patient Advocate can give you
the answers to these difficult, confusing, issues.

Our Services

  • Education of medical conditions and treatments
  • Assistance with finding a physician or specialist
  • Education of mental illness and access to care
  • Navigating hospitalizations from insurance to educating family of medical conditions and treatment plans. Assisting family in determining questions to ask physicians
  • Assisting clients with questions to ask Dr. and accompany clients to Dr. appointments
  • Assist patients that are too ill or overwhelmed to deal with coordinating care and navigating the healthcare system

We Work For You

Advocates employed by hospitals have their employers as their interest. SW Colorado Patient Advocate works for you.


Christy Deem RN, BSN


What is a Patient Advocate?

A patient advocate or patient navigator is the patient’s personal guide to healthcare. They work with patients to help them navigate the confusing and murky waters of healthcare from insurance to hospitalization and much more. Patient advocates meet with patients helping them understand procedures, connect with doctors, education of health conditions and treatment, insurance and more. 

Why Hire a Patient Advocate?

Many healthcare systems offer patient advocacy, but an independent advocate offers complete loyalty to you. Independent advocates take direction and initiative from you. Advocates search for solutions based on the client’s needs while also coordinating with providers.


Christy Deem is the CEO and founder of Southwest Colorado Patient Advocate. A company providing navigation and advocacy to healthcare.

Christy Deem has 20+ years experience as a RN, BSN. Her unique experiences as a critical care nurse brought to the forefront the stressors of families with loved ones in the acute care setting. It was difficult for families to understand medically what was going on with their loved one. As a nurse, Christy was the advocate for the families by educating families, collaborating, and communicating with other healthcare professionals.

Need Help?

Christy’s experiences as a nurse, position her to advocate for her clients of SW Colorado Patient Advocate. Her specialty is dealing with families in crisis. SW Colorado Patient Advocate’s goal is providing direction, education, and advocacy to clients accessing healthcare.


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